Sweet Porter Browar Podbrze for medal.

10/11/2018 during the Poznań Fair, the final of the international competition of craft beers KPR 2018 was held, where our SWEET PORTER received a medal in its category. A huge distinction, considering our small experience and also a lot of competition - several hundred breweries joined the contest, and in total, 631 beers were analyzed.

Nagroda KPR-2018

Brewary Podborze was launched in 2018. It is a small, craft restaurant brewery with a brewery of 5hl breaking. At the beginning, we provided ourselves with 4 fermentation and aging tanks with a plan and place for development. We brew beer classically, traditionally based on water, malt, yeast and hops. Brewhouse is the heart of the restaurant, from which - through a glass pane in the floor - you can see a lounge.


Beer can be bought at the restaurant service: in a glass or in a bottle and independently through a beer wall. The created beer wall is the first such Polish project that has been finalized thanks to the cooperation of four independent companies. After purchasing and topping up a beer card, you can pour any beer from the tap. We sell beer only on the spot.


The brewing history of the immediate area refers to the Teret Brewery, which was founded in Ostrów Mazowiecka in 1885 and existed until 1940. It was brewed mainly with light, Pilsen beer, 12-12,5 blg, yielding up to 4.5% alcohol. To this day, not much has survived after the war in relation to the history of this brewery.

historia browaru

Browar Podborze was created out of love and passion for the noble and traditional brewing values. The idea of ??the project is to create liquors as before, based on natural ingredients, while maintaining the necessary but long-term aging process. The classic approach to the production process, combined with opening up to new flavors and aromas, is to be a gate to creating fantastic beers. We are inviting you to the tasting.